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Back to School for Grown-Ups Part I

I have an obsession with school supplies.  As a kid, “back to school” was never complete without a backpack full of new Lisa Frank folders and matching pencils.  Do you remember those?!  Anyway, I still peruse the school supply aisles at Target every August thinking of reasons I need a new notebook or white-out pen.  Speaking of Target, here’s a link to a few coupons!  So, with all of you gals like me who love paper, pens, 3-ring binders, etc., I’ve decided to dedicate a few blog posts to my favorite “school supplies” for grown-ups!

Staples Dry Erase Boards


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Paper or Plastic? I’ll have a Flour Sack please…

Seed Sack bags by Selina Vaughan Studios?  Yes, please!  I love the personality of these bags- each one is different and prices are based on the rarity of the sack it is made out of.  Worn leather handles, metal accents and faded vintage sacks are the perfect combination of materials.

Selina Vaughan is an artist out of California.  Shop her etsy store or visit her website.

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For Emily

My forever friend.  Happy Birthday.

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Funner Undercover

Someone asked me to make this Kindle cover for their super-fun mom’s birthday!  So fun!  Thanks Elaine:)

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The Tree of Answers

I had a dream that a sweet lady I used to know passed and left a small piece of land to me in her will.  I went to the place and there stood a huge tree, with twists and turns in the branches and a door in the trunk.  I opened the door and walked inside (Very Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe).  

Inside was like an old house that no one had visited for years.  Dust was everywhere and lots of clutter.  But as I looked closer, the clutter was actually tiny mementos from my life.  Each piece I saw represented a place I had been, a memory I had made.

The last thing I saw was a shoe.  It was a shoe my husband bought when we first started dating.  In the dream it seemed so clear and I had a feeling that it was confirmation that I had made the right decision- to marry my husband.  

Later, a man came in and said the further I walked into the room I would find objects that gave me clues of which decisions I should make, places I should go and people I should meet in my future.  Like a “road map”.  

All the answers lied in this one room.  And as my life progressed, the outside of the tree got bigger and the branches got longer and more twisted.  


Watch out Steven Spielberg.

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Handle With Care


There are a few things about Jodi Picoult that I am almost sure of: She likes handsome men, wants to be a lawyer in her next life and watches a lot of CNN.  If you read her books, you know exactly what I’m talking about!  

I just finished her book Handle with Care and I think it may be the saddest thing I’ve ever read.  It’s a story about a little girl named Willow who has osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease.  And of course there is a lawsuit and much family drama involved.  Although I know this book is fiction, it’s based on a disease that is very real.  It really made me question myself.  What would I do if I had a baby born with such a life altering disability?  But, it also made me see that mothers love their children no matter what, and a disease like Willow’s didn’t stop her from being a beautiful person with a lot to give.  

Survey says… this is definitely one of my favorite Picoult books!



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The Holidays


I keep hearing myself say “Oh this year went by too fast.  I’m not ready for the holidays.”  But truly there is no way to stop the clock so we mine as well embrace the season!  

One of my favorite “crafty” things to do at Christmas is simply gift wrapping.  I love deciding what colors I’m going to use.  I want my loved ones to know I put as much care into picking out their gift as I did wrapping it.  Sometimes I think the excitement of a gift being opened is better than the actual gift itself!

This year I’m going with dark green, white and gold!

Country Living Magazine


White Christmas

A few other things I plan to do during the holidays:

  1. Make Pumpkin Pie from scratch for Thanksgiving.
  2. Design a Christmas Card with Molly from our wedding photos.
  3. See a Christmas show with my mom.
  4. Visit Historic Downtown Franklin, TN.
  5. See Disney’s A Christmas Carol in 3D

Happy Holidays, 

Gracious Gal

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