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5k First-Timer

It’s here!  I’m headed to run my first 5k!  Compared to those who run marathons, or even 10k’s for that matter, it may seem like a breeze.  But, this has been a challenge for me and I’m excited to cross the finish line!  I won’t be running with my i-pod, but I thought I’d share a song that’s been, errr… getting me “pumped up” for the race! ha!

I can’t wait to share pictures soon!




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Etsy Finds {Back to School Part III}

Etsy! Duh! It’s no surprise you can find a ton of really amazing things on Etsy for “back to school”!

Vinyal wall decals by decalsmurals

Paper weight by When it Rains.

Personalized pads and paper by Letter Love Designs

Print for your desk by Made By Girl

Mousepad by Bunch of Bees

Sigh… I could go on and on!

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Brazenhead Books: A Secret NY Bookstore

I follow @Etsy on Twitter, and a few days ago I came across this tweet: “Sorry folks, the site is down at the moment. Now would be a good time to view this secret bookshop video.”  As any inquisitive person would, I did as instructed.

Andrew Watson, a photography genius out of New York City, directed the short piece for Etsy about Michael, the owner of Brazenhead Books and a lifelong bookseller.  The short “documentary” transplants you immediately with the sounds of The Album Leaf, slowly revealing fantastical images of books one would need a lifetime to accrue.  Immediately, I had chills.

According to Michael, the secret bookstore guy, “It’s a continuation of me being a bookseller the way I want to be… I find ways to survive without making it what you would call a successful business.  If it’s all about money, there’s just better things to sell.”

Andrew does such a beautiful job capturing the essence of the space, Michael’s home, the books… I know I watched the video at least five times.

“Come find me, visit me.  I’m hiding in plain sight.”  Sigh… now if that doesn’t make you want to hop on a plane and scour the streets of New York looking for this treasure, I don’t know what will.  Thank you Etsy, thank you Andrew, and mostly, thank you Michael!

Read the full story at Etsy.

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Primped and Polished

Every Sunday, without fail, I paint my nails.  I always think of it as my way of having a new outlook on the week ahead!  At least twice a week I spend 30 minutes in the bathroom prepping my legs for self-tanner, as I was unfortunately born with the whitest legs south of the Mason-Dixon.  And here and there I insert new “beauty rituals” as I go: at-home hair coloring, face masks, hair masks concocted in the kitchen, hand waxing treatments.  Every time my husband turns the corner I am poking, plucking, primping, or polishing something!

So, here’s a thank-you to my hubby.  For not using my good shampoo, or my new cuticle clippers, and for putting up with an odd-ball like me:)

(… I forgive you for using my raser to shave your beard.)


The Gracious Gal

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Anthology Magazine: “Print is not dead!”

There are few publications out there today that truly inspire me… leave me in “awe”.  Honestly, the magazine racks that line the check-out counter used to be my favorite part of the grocery store experience.  These days I just find them more under-whelming than anything.  Which is why I was thrilled to stumble upon Anthology

Anthology’s pages encompass all that is creative, beautiful, thoughtful, and so much more.  It’s so refreshing to find a publication that is not full of ads (they have a limit), but rather full of topics celebrating travel, decor, entertaining, design- all the pretty things about life!

This is only their third issue, but I cannot wait to see what’s next!  Click here to subscribe. 

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