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Next purchase: Ted Baker wallet

I NEED a new wallet.  It has literally been over 5 years since I bought the one I currently use!  Ridiculous!  But, I loathe spending money on something that money is supposed to go in!  So, year after year, I avoid the big purchase.  And, honestly, I rarely see a wallet that I love enough to invest in.

A couple of weeks ago I saw these Ted Baker wallets at Nordstrom, and I was instantly obsessed! And guess what… these are on sale!

These are pretty awesome too {though not on sale}…

Happy Friday!

Gracious Gal


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London Fog {Rainy Tuesday}

The only thing fun about a rainy day are the accessories that accompany it.  A pretty umbrella, a fun pair of wellies, and a classic raincoat… speaking of, when was the last time you visited the London Fog website?  Definitely check it out…

Now doesn’t this picture from their website just make you want to cozy up with the one you love?  Wearing over-sized sunglasses, of course!


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DIY: Stencilled Lace and Jewels

A couple of years ago I became a bit obsessed with finding new ways to display my jewelry.  Currently, my earrings hang on a decorative bird cage.  But I haven’t really found a great solution that I love for necklaces and bracelets, until now!

Ok, first of all, I envy the lucky gal that gets to lay her head to sleep at night in this beautiful bedroom… But look closer at this amazing jewelry display above the dresser…

Is this amazing or what?!  From what I can see, the designer just used a piece of lace as a stencil and repeated the image until reaching the desired size of the “canvas”.  The mix of vintage hooks are a neat addition.  I think it could be really pretty to add an oval, vintage mirror in the center.  There are a lot of things you could do with it.  I love the idea of using lace as a stencil!

{I found these images online at House to Home.}

Gracious Gal

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Leopard Print: My Fall Obsession

I love leopard print for fall!  As you already know from my leopard print jean post.  Here are some of my favorite leopard looks for the upcoming season…

  1. Fossil Brand Re-Issue Weekender Bag
  2. Ray Ban Sunglasses
  3. Kate Spade Eryn flats
  4. Dior Mitzah line
  5. Timex Watch (Timex really has it going on lately, huh?)

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The Leopard Print Jean

Personally, I am not one to venture very far from “classics”.  I like to buy pieces that will last a while, and throw in a few trendy accents.  I wasn’t really sure how I felt about the leopard print jean {which seems as if it’s going to be a hit for fall}, but I think it may be time for this gracious gal to take a little walk on the wild side! ha!

I really like the length, and color of these by Current/Elliott {browse other colors at Nordstrom}.  Just lookin’ at these, and I’m feeling “wilder” already!


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Scootin’ Around Nashville

One day, when there is a “baby Daniel”… 

If you already have a youngin’, check out Popo Cool Kid Stuff next time you’re in Nashville.

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Hair Tie Face-Off

For me, it was definitely a “love at first sight” affair with Emi-Jay hair ties.  They’re just… pretty!  And of course I was charmed by the Emi-Jay story, and it helped that every celebrity from Jennifer Aniston to Heidi Klum is a fan.

BUT- Are the “pretty” hair ties worth the $12 price tag (and you only get 5)?  Let’s compare the pretty ones to a classic…

I have to admit, after using both, I prefer the oldy, but… errr Goody:)  I’m definitely still a fan of the Emi-Jay.  They look really pretty in your hair (while they stay put, and until they start to wrinkle up).  And, though it sounds strange, Emi-Jay hair ties look really pretty on your wrist!  And, don’t leave the mark a Goody tie does.  But, if you need a hair tie that will stay put all day long through work or even a long jog, you’ll need to grab a Goody.  Even better, Goody hair ties cost less than $3 for 15 ties or more.  But, hey, this is just my opinion!

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