DIY: Stencilled Lace and Jewels

A couple of years ago I became a bit obsessed with finding new ways to display my jewelry.  Currently, my earrings hang on a decorative bird cage.  But I haven’t really found a great solution that I love for necklaces and bracelets, until now!

Ok, first of all, I envy the lucky gal that gets to lay her head to sleep at night in this beautiful bedroom… But look closer at this amazing jewelry display above the dresser…

Is this amazing or what?!  From what I can see, the designer just used a piece of lace as a stencil and repeated the image until reaching the desired size of the “canvas”.  The mix of vintage hooks are a neat addition.  I think it could be really pretty to add an oval, vintage mirror in the center.  There are a lot of things you could do with it.  I love the idea of using lace as a stencil!

{I found these images online at House to Home.}

Gracious Gal


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