Fabric Scraps

When I was little, I would sit for hours playing with my Maw-Maw’s fabric scraps.  She kept them in a plastic grocery store bag for me, along with a 1950’s Barbie that unfortunately my older cousin Laurie must have played beauty-shop with {she has no hair and her head is stained with nail polish}.  Fortunately, I had a pretty good imagination and chose to overlook Barbie’s minor shortcomings.  Barbie was my model.  I was too little for a needle and thread, so I safety-pinned or tied pieces of fabric around her waste and top to create glamorous ensembles!

It’s amazing how resourceful those little scraps of fabric can be!  So, don’t feel guilty for never throwing away the pieces of fabric that you love so much, but fear there is nothing you can do with something that small… because there is something you can do with it!  And here are a few things to try…

I love this fall pillow by Allison Harris at Cluck Cluck Sew.  Get her tutorial here.  This would be cute on a canvas as well!

This I have GOT to try!  If I ever get time for my “office re-vamp”!  Fabric-covered thumbtacks by the super talented Jessica Jones for How About Orange.  Get the DIY here.

These gift tags are so sweet… by Ez on Creature Comforts.  Get the How-to here.

I love these scrap necklaces from Small Magazine.  Make yours here.

There truly are a gazillion of these projects online.  I currently have a project that I hope to incorporate fabric scraps into {that does not include poor, bald Barbie} … look for pictures soon!


Gracious Gal


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