5k First-Timer

It’s here!  I’m headed to run my first 5k!  Compared to those who run marathons, or even 10k’s for that matter, it may seem like a breeze.  But, this has been a challenge for me and I’m excited to cross the finish line!  I won’t be running with my i-pod, but I thought I’d share a song that’s been, errr… getting me “pumped up” for the race! ha!

I can’t wait to share pictures soon!




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3 responses to “5k First-Timer

  1. Great song choice to get pumped – love that song! Good luck with your race! I recently got into running and am having a ball signing up for all of the 5 & 10K racies that I can get my hands on. : )


  2. Good luck! Finishing a race is a huge accomplishment. I just had a baby and am planning to run a race in a few months (it’s my plan to get back in shape). Enjoy it and know it’s OK to walk through the water stations if you have to — everybody does it 🙂

  3. Thanks so much! I enjoyed it, but I think I need to sign up for another asap so I don’t lose motivation!

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