Dove {soap} Creams Your Skin!

I am a creature of habit, especially when it comes to skincare and “beauty” products.  About a month ago I ran out of my normal face wash, so I grabbed a bar of Dove for a temporary cleanser (which my mom uses).  After a week, I agreed that it did the job, and decided to give it a try for a while to see what happened.  Honestly, my face hasn’t been this clear in a long, long time.  I really love what Dove has done for my skin, and I’m actually no longer interested in purchasing my old (and pricier) fash wash.  I have always had sensitive, combination skin, but over the past year (after ditching “the pill” to give my body a break from the hormones) my face starting breaking out like crazy.  I am sure that my body re-adjusting over this time period has helped my complexion, but I’m still convinced the Dove bar soap played a big part!  Even InStyle agrees, voting it best bar soap since 2008.






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