Primped and Polished

Every Sunday, without fail, I paint my nails.  I always think of it as my way of having a new outlook on the week ahead!  At least twice a week I spend 30 minutes in the bathroom prepping my legs for self-tanner, as I was unfortunately born with the whitest legs south of the Mason-Dixon.  And here and there I insert new “beauty rituals” as I go: at-home hair coloring, face masks, hair masks concocted in the kitchen, hand waxing treatments.  Every time my husband turns the corner I am poking, plucking, primping, or polishing something!

So, here’s a thank-you to my hubby.  For not using my good shampoo, or my new cuticle clippers, and for putting up with an odd-ball like me:)

(… I forgive you for using my raser to shave your beard.)


The Gracious Gal


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