Amazing Fabrics= Abundant Inpiration

Do you have a sewing machine and just haven’t found the time to take it out of the box?  Or, maybe you’ve never sewn a thing in your life!  Let me introduce to you some of the most AMAZING designers out there (in my opinion of course) and I feel quite confident you will discover a whole new sense of inspiration that will have you stitching your socks off!

Meet Amy Butler, an artist who started crafting small bags in the 80’s and now has an amazing line of fabrics, patterns, books, paper crafts and more.

What I love about Amy is that I can walk into a store and recognize her fabric immediately.  To me, she is an excellent example of brand building.

Anna Maria Horner.  A wife, mother of 6 and an amazing artist and entrepreneur, she is a force to be reckoned with!  Her fabric is very folksy with lots of fun, bright colors.

Like Amy, Anna also has several product lines, but I especially love her kitchen items!  Who wouldn’t want to cook wearing an apron that adorable?!  (Also, check out her blog.)

Oh Heather Bailey!  Your fabric is so pretty!  Aaahhhh!

Instead of following her original plan of going to medical school, Heather decided to follow her passion – Creating!  I am so glad she did.  I cannot get enough of these ultra feminine designs!

Are you inspired yet?  I also frequent other sites for inspiration such as Michael Miller Fabrics, Sew Mama Sew and of course Etsy.

Happy Creating!



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