The Tree of Answers

I had a dream that a sweet lady I used to know passed and left a small piece of land to me in her will.  I went to the place and there stood a huge tree, with twists and turns in the branches and a door in the trunk.  I opened the door and walked inside (Very Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe).  

Inside was like an old house that no one had visited for years.  Dust was everywhere and lots of clutter.  But as I looked closer, the clutter was actually tiny mementos from my life.  Each piece I saw represented a place I had been, a memory I had made.

The last thing I saw was a shoe.  It was a shoe my husband bought when we first started dating.  In the dream it seemed so clear and I had a feeling that it was confirmation that I had made the right decision- to marry my husband.  

Later, a man came in and said the further I walked into the room I would find objects that gave me clues of which decisions I should make, places I should go and people I should meet in my future.  Like a “road map”.  

All the answers lied in this one room.  And as my life progressed, the outside of the tree got bigger and the branches got longer and more twisted.  


Watch out Steven Spielberg.


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