Pancake Shake


The weather today was beautiful.  I love the breeze and lack of humidity.  I had Pancake Pantry for lunch; grits and those coconut banana pancakes (yum).  When in Nashville, eat Pancake Pantry.  

After my hubby left for a week of work, I went to treat myself to a mani and pedi.  Unfortunately at the end of my pampering, I got the hungry shakes and scared poor Danny Wú nearly to death.  The only thing he said to me the whole hour I was there: “You got diabetes?”    


Just finished What She Wants by Cathy Kelly.  Great book with lots of good drama about 5 European women.  The overall message: What you’ve always wanted might not be what you want after all.

Just started The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan.  I cried within the first 8 pages.  It’s about a family woman with two little girls who finds a lump in her breast.  I’m hoping the ending is more warm and fuzzy than the beginning.  


I’m trying to teach myself applique.  Not easy.


I’ve got a to-do list.  Job hunting, insurance pricing, accountant yacking, gym dying!

xo xo

Gracious Gal


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